"Ms. Ergas is an excellent professional with dignity and high moral principles as well.
She is a very reliable person as far as her duties and her professional engagements are concerned and she certainly stands alone among her colleagues.
Moreover she has made a great impression in her working place as she was always taking the initiative of doing things and showed constant interest in her job and always paying attention to every detail.
In general she is a very hard working person with great abilities and we enjoyed every minute of our cooperation with her".

Costis Christopoulos

"What can one say about Beatrice Ergas! Her professional and personal experience speaks for itself!
Beatrice was an executive in the sales department of my company LINEA IMPORTS S.A. and that's how we got to know her well. We remember as a person of excellent sale skills,a woman of an increased interest in her work,ambition and strong will to succeed in all her goals.
We did follow indirectly over the years the outcome of her work and I am able to evaluate her as a person of practical skills,hard working and has a good knowledge of the topic she deals with. She has become even more communicative and can capture the "beat" of our times,which means that she is very well informed about fashion,p.r. and not only....
She has a talent in defining her goals and she puts into practice her (commercial) knowledge,because of her multiple occupations in different areas of life. She accomplishes succesfully any kind of work she undertakes. Beatrice is well known for the following:
Maturity - Independed spirit - Hard working - Initiative - Self control - Flexibility - Adaptability to various situations
I strongly recommend Beatrice Ergas for being capable in her professional skills and her overall behaviour. Beatrice's total picture guarantees an excellent person to work with..dare it!"

Nick Aggloupas

"I had the opportunity to work directly with Beatrice and I was very impressed by her commitment and creative approach. Beatrice would do her best to accommodate requests, would go to great lengths to help and protect her clients and remain always an extremely pleasant person to work with."

Nikolaos Iosif Kakavoulis
Director of Strategy, GoodLife and Health VOGUE/STATUS magazines, Liberis Publications
The Conde Nast Publisher for Greece (colleague)worked with you

"Beatrice is , a most gifted Public Relation and New Creative Marketing Professional.
She is always putting her Love and Passion in any activity. During the last years that i know her she has been a great support to me.
We put up together the group "Flower Therapy" and promote it through all different media to show to the world the power of the scented healing therapy of flowers...
but most of all she is a friend!"

Robert Koene

"Beatrice has the innate talent to approach people and build a friendly atmosphere, for the superior both sides benefit! She is exellent for selling...and buying!
With her life experience she is an expert advisor for demaning customers.
Patient and polite she gives her personal "scented" style to everything she touches".

Alexis Sgoumbopoulos




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