Beatrice has known great success as a fashion designer and Sales Manager mostly in the wholesale fashion business in the Greek and the International market for well-known brand names: “CROOL”, “LA MEDUSE”, “KEM”, “DIADORA”, “CORFIL”, “ALLEGRO”, “TRICOTEEN”, “ROGER S.”, “ARCANA-AMORE” GROUP OF BENETTON, “CALVIN KLEIN”, “UNGARO”, “YAZOO”, “FENDI”, “LES COPAINS”, “PLEIN SUD”, “ROCCO BAROCCO”, “HELMUT LANG”, “KATHREEN HAMNETT”, “JEAN PAUL GAUTIER” and “ZAPA” among others. By the year 2000 and as a result of her successful sales activities, to which she applies her personal elegant style, Beatrice had already built a particularly selective network of clients and associates.

In 2001 Beatrice meets her old friend, Adonis Liberis, owner of Liberis Publications. She entrust to him her vision to build a selective shopping guide, focused in the web business of the Athens upper-class lifestyle, similar to for the Greek Market. As a result of their collaboration, Beatrice creates the shopping guide a new advertising section at the last pages of “VOGUE”, LIFE & STYLE”, “STATUS” & “GLAMOUR” magazines. She touches almost any product or service can make someone’s day happier and healthier, according to each magazine’s standards and target group, thus expanding her business to the maximum. Since then, all Greek magazines have been copying this very profitable both-sides application. Unfortunately, Beatrice will not see her vision accomplished and justified, as it is her decision to end this collaboration.

In 2005 she becomes involved in an Amenities International Corporation as a Consulting P.R. Manager,, thus touching another big vision of Wellness in the Hotel business, in collaboration with the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO). She believes that if its promotion and services are upgraded, in many ways, including new wellness ideas, especially based in Ancient Greek Healing process, this can be a very profitable sector of the market and a respectable source of income for Greece.

There she involves as a P.R., with the organic products, one of the best holistic healing treatment cosmetic company globally and she loves them.

Beatrice has also been a Creative Consultant and Advertising Assistant for “YADES HOTELS”, the historic Hotels of Europe and America, and is the PR Manager of, organizing private and corporate events along with a team of selective creative associates.

Another part of her wide scope of activities is the promotion of an extra ordinary organic tea,, an amazing tea concept.

As a Consultant in lifestyle products, she is an excellent advisor for personal or corporate shopping.

Last but not least, Beatrice is the creator of, a special, exclusive yet not necessarily expensive luxury gift ideas, online catalogue to make your day!




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