Beatrice is a sensitive, thoughtful and giving person. She lives by the sea, enjoying the healing energy of clean, fresh air and she is mostly grateful every single day for that! Her vision is that we can expand the beauty of our Holy Land, revive the Ancient knowledge of Healing and Wellness. Beatrice envisages a total Healing place, open for all people, no matter religious believes, with all the ideas of Alternative Treatments and Aromatherapy Products that she uses for her personal wellness, as a pilot place for helping others to clean their energy and re-discover the real beauty of life.

She wishes to share her experienced knowledge in fashion business, as a Buyer or Consultant, in companies they wish to expand their retail activities, creating new ways to approach their targets and in the end to be profitable.
She is providing Creative Connections for Business Investements in Greece. Mentoring also the new generation is among her plans

Among her hobbies is to draw, to dance, to travel with comfort, but most of all is to help each individual to find the perfect matching of Clothing, Perfume, Make up and Gifts for personal or corporate cause.

Beatrice takes great pleasure in helping people in any way, and that’s why her voluntary activities with “UNICEF”, “GREENPEACE”,“MAKE-A-WISH”, “PLANT-A-TREE”, “BREAST CANCER HELLAS”, and the “IPPOKRATION FOUNDATION” in the island of Kos are endless.

Being a member of a meditation group, she prays everyday for Peace and Love globally.

Her manifesto for this life is:

“Share love… share knowledge”
“Healthy body & mind”
“Breathe deeply”
“Friends are more important than money”
“Love is the most precious key to open doors in all life aspects”




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